API Update: Coin Tosses and Game Statuses

As the season approaches, we're continuing to roll out API additions at a steady pace. This week we're rolling out additions focused on coin tosses and game statuses.

Public API Changes

We've added types to represent coin toss outcomes:

  • CoinToss has been added.
  • CoinTossChoice has been added.
  • CoinTossChoiceOption has been added.

We've added types to represent point-in-time game statuses, a.k.a. the game "situation":

  • GameStatus has been added.
  • GamePhase has been added.
  • Possession has been added.
  • PrincipalWind has been added.
  • YardLineTeam has been added.

We've added new fields and arguments that can be used to access coin tosses and game statuses:

  • GameStatusHistoryConnection has been added.
  • Game has new fields: coinTosses, durationMilliseconds, status, statusHistoryConnection
  • GameStatusEdge has been added.
  • Subscription has new fields: gameStatus

And we've added new arguments to Query.playersConnection to give it parity with Team.playersConnection:

  • Query.playersConnection has new arguments: platoon, position

Private API Changes

We've also added fields that we can use to modify coin tosses and game durations:

  • CoinTossChoiceInput has been added.
  • CoinTossInput has been added.
  • GamePatchInput has new fields: coinTosses, durationMilliseconds
API Update: Coin Tosses and Game Statuses
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