Pre-Season at the Alamodome

Pre-Season at the Alamodome

If you've been following our Twitter feed, you know that we've been holding pre-season games at the Alamodome.

A few days ago, the Alamodome looked like this:


Now, as you may have seen from our tweets, there's a football field here.

These are our "dress rehearsals", meaning they're full-scale productions. We have all the teams here – football ops, refs, stats crews, production teams, everything. To us, these are the first games. In February, when we air our games to the public, hopefully the only major difference is that there will be people in the stands and watching at home.

How They Went

Personally, my biggest focus is getting everyone data. And if you've looked at the API in the past 24 hours, you would actually see that data. The API served up real-time clock and play-by-play data to the public, and it did so without any significant hitches. So go explore the API and see for yourself! We'll have much more coming between now and the start of the regular season.

Pre-Season at the Alamodome
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