Training Camp

Training Camp

This past week or two, a lot of us have been in San Antonio for training camp. For the engineering teams, this is a fun time because we actually get to test our systems from end-to-end in actual stadiums.

Joint Practices

One of the ways we've been able to test our systems is during joint practices. During joint practices, teams share a field. They typically run a few plays or drives for us that we can use to test out our stats, video, and other systems.

The unfortunate downside to joint practices is that the play is very unrealistic. To avoid the risk of injury, teams generally prefer to do scripted plays. Scripted plays are challenging for us to test stats and scoreboard systems with because players don't actually get tackled and teams don't actually move up and down the field. It can be very difficult at times for everyone sitting in the stats booth to understand and work with.

Flag Football

Another way we've been able to test our systems is by hosting flag football games. We've been inviting locals to come out and play flag football. Players come out and play full-length games, complete with scoreboards, clocks, stats, video, everything.

Flag football has by far given us the best opportunities to test our systems so far, and we've played a lot of it.

API Updates

Our GraphQL API is being updated very frequently now. It's being updated so often I haven't had time to write out a blog post for each update. But we're working hard to get everything we have out the door and thoroughly vetted for season 1. If you're not familiar with the API, see my post about it here. It's the source for all of the data you see on our recently re-architected website and is open to the public!

Training Camp
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