Week 6 API Additions

Week 6 API Additions

There aren't many additions to the public API this week, but here's the changelog.

  • BallTelemetrySample has new fields: positionYards
  • PersonTelemetrySample has new fields: positionYards

These objects have always had positionMeters fields due to the fact that the metric system is superior. However, in the context of football, it's pretty common to work with yards. These fields make that a little easier.

  • Mutation.createAccessToken has new arguments: humanReadable

One of the items in our pre-game checklist involves the stadium crews typing out an access token. This field allows use to generate diceware access tokens instead of purely random ones, making things easier and less error-prone.

  • Play has new fields: type

Each play is categorized into one of a few high level types, such as "pass" or "punt". This field exposes that categorization.

Week 6 API Additions
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