Week 7 API Additions

Week 7 API Additions

This week we have a few new stats, gameday roster data, and performance additions among other things. Here's the changelog:


  • AVProgramAVStreamEdge has been added.
  • AVProgramAVStreamsConnection has been added.
  • AVProgram has new fields: avStreamsConnection
  • AVStreamAVStreamSegmentReplicaEdge has been added.
  • AVStreamAVStreamSegmentReplicasConnection has been added.
  • AVStreamSegmentReplica has been added.
  • AVStream has been added.

These additions expose information about our streams and the segments within those streams. All of it was previously accessible via HLS manifests, but now it's also available via GraphQL.

Game Rosters

  • GamePlayerEdge has new fields: active, played, starter

Now you can use the API to get the starters and the active list before each game. Typically this information is available an hour or so before the first snap. You can also use the API to determine who actually played in the game afterwards.


  • PlayerStats has new fields: puntsInside20, puntsIntoEndZoneWithoutTouchbacks, puntsWithTouchbacks

Punting stats.


  • PersonNameInput has new fields: familyNamePronunciation, givenNamePronunciation
  • PersonName has new fields: familyNamePronunciation, givenNamePronunciation

In a recent update we added a pronunciation field. Now we're adding fields to get pronunciations for individual name components as well.


  • School.isNCAA is now deprecated.

This field has never really seen active use, so is deprecated for the time being.


We've made some notable performance improvements this week:

  • We're cutting our HLS segment durations in half. They'll now be 6 seconds long instead of 12. The impact of this should be stream latency reduced by about 15 to 20 seconds.
  • We've made a few optimizations that increase the performance of certain types of read-heavy queries. In particular, the stats queries used by the website are much faster. Here's what happened to the 99th percentile stats query times when we deployed this change:


Week 7 API Additions
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